About Us

When Mr Bright started this project he knew there were other products on the market, however after months and months of researching and trying countless number of different formulas and brands he found that there wasn't any he completely trusted or got the results he wanted. This is how Mr Bright was born.
The first step in re-inventing the wheel is to learn and understand how to safely whitening your teeth. As a result, Mr Bright developed a formula that contains a strong legal level of carbamide peroxide for the absolute best whitening results yet with the added ingredients of Potassium Nitrate (and a few other secret ingredients) to help eliminate sensitivity.
We are so excited about our unique formula and cannot wait to grow our product range even more as we help make everybody’s smile shine like Mr Bright.

Mr Bright has already partnered up with some of most respected retailers around the world like Whole Foods Market, Myer and Holland & Barrett. If they trust Mr Bright, so can you!